My first car was a pristine 1969 Mustang; a gift from my dad. At the time he was a hard working janitor braving the Bay Area commute to make ends meet. I'm not sure how he afforded it. He had a reckless rebel for a daughter and it wasn't long before that bright and beautiful vehicle was sent to a junkyard in Hawaii.

These days I've traded reckless for purposeful rebelliousness and life has been pretty bright and beautiful ever since. Now based in the great state of Texas I've become a coach's wife, working mom, creative strategist, party photographer and writer.

Mostly I tell stories that are sometimes comforting to hear but always challenging to voice. But I love sweet, silly and sentimental stories too. Especially the kind of stories that keep us honest, humble and hapa-Hawaiian. It's what we call "talk story" here at the House of Howe.