Sharing the not so everyday stories.

Sometimes it takes awhile to share a story, especially the stories about redemption, restoration and reimagining what life could be like. This is a collection of my favorite not-so-everyday-stories presented in various forms from essays to a microblog series posted on social media. 


On a whim and motivated by the encouragement of complete strangers, #100DaysTalkingStoryWithDad was published to a community project for creatives called #The100DayProject. Since then the project has become an ongoing series of photographs and short stories about redemption.


When my husband, the engineer, decided to become a teacher, we learned to navigate the challenges and costs of teaching. It's not been an A+ experience but we've learned to love better, and that's what life is all about.


Living on mission.

If you are searching for meaning and want to make a positive impact in the world, these are great missions to invest in.


Ever since learning that over one billion people have yet to read the Bible in the language they know best, it's been an honor to help end bible poverty as a friend of Seed Company.


When we traveled to serve the homeless of New York, little did we know that a man was building bombs while we were bagging bread. The entire experience stretched my faith and challenged my worldview, and it was worth it.


Making life a little more enchanting.

Having been raised by a man who was compelled to serve five people a ten chicken feast, it's only natural that our parties are over-the-top. In this series you'll meet the the creative talent behind the magic and be inspired to make your parties just a little bit more special.