Aloha, y'all.

Hello, my name is Marilynn Howe. Or, if you're from Hawai`i, you might know me as Lokelani. I’m a native Hawaiian, born and raised in California. I spent my twenties on the island of Oahu and in Puna, Hawaii, hoping to discover what it means to be Hawaiian. When my husband and I first met, he had barely ventured away from Texas. He's the reason we live in the land of rodeos and BBQs. After our honeymoon, we struggled to find our way. I was west. He was southwest. Our journey was hindered by stops and starts. Redirects and detours. On a whim we bought a house with family history in Midlothian, Texas. We moved into our new old home by making room for the cultural values that mattered most to us. I added the bold tropical flavors. He provided the warm rustic features. Building on a foundation of heritage and hospitality created hope for us, and that seemed to be a story worth sharing.

What is this site about?

Heritage + Hospitality

Who is this site for?

Most likely, our moms.

Where do I start?

#shortkinetruestories for flash nonfiction.

#ho`olaule`a for parties and photographs. 

#hustle for the everyday hustle at work.