The ‘Aina and the Heavens

As life and lava continues to move fast, I’ve had to pause and peer into the na'au of matters that often seem hard for me to navigate.

Like many Hawaiians, I’m grieved at the thought of losing cherished spaces and sacred places such as Pohoiki. Yet, like many Hawaiians, my bones are eager for the cleansing that our ‘aina desperately needs. So, which do I pray for?

Like many Hawaiians, I have fallen in love with a man named Iesu, and I live because of His Word and His Ways. Yet, like many Hawaiians, I have a regard for fire-making Pele and forest-eating ʻAilāʻau. So, how do I bridge my faith and culture?


These questions have been with me since the month of May. Sometime today, while running errands for my auntie, I found myself in an empty car. For once, I didn’t have my six-year old son in the backseat begging to listen to Smooth Criminal “just one more time.” In the quiet, I felt the Spirit of God with me, and so I said, “Heavenly Father, I don’t know what to pray.”

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Heavenly Father, I don’t know what to pray.
You are Ke Akua.
You are the Sovereign One.
‘Ae, that’s right, You are sovereign over all.
The ‘aina and the heavens.

Heavenly Father, I believe that I am Your child.
My dad was Your child, too.
My dad said You were the giver of all good gifts.
‘Ae, that’s right, your children can ask for the good gifts from You.
Heavenly Father and Abba Daddy.

Heavenly Father, I do know what I want to pray.
Will you please spare our ‘aina?
Will you show mercy for the ‘aina you created?
‘Ae, that’s right, you are sovereign over all.
The ‘aina and the heavens.

Heavenly Father, I don’t want Pele to take Pohoiki.
Please place a boundary before her – A Wall of Love – Kainoa’s Wall.
Please give us more time to clean our hale and care for our kupuna.
‘Ae, that’s right, you can teach us, once again, to malama the ‘aina.
Malama the ‘aina for a day more, a week more, a month more, a year more, a decade more, and more, then even more.

Heavenly Father, I call upon Your Mana.
Let Pele have the pavilions, more can be built.
Let ʻAilāʻau eat the forests, more can be grown.
‘Ae, that’s right, you alone created the heavens and the earth and you will create again.
The stars and the seas.

This is what I have prayed today and this is what I will pray tomorrow.