Losing Our Beloved

a story about grieving our dad

My dad was older than most and I developed a fear of losing him at an early age, imagining the worst news every time the phone rang. He used to call me his shadow. We ended up enjoying each other for a long time. Then, one day my mom found my dad on the kitchen floor. One moment he had been washing dishes. The next moment he was unconscious, immovable and bleeding profusely. He left home in an ambulance and never returned.

After a lengthy hospital stay, my parents moved in with us. Suddenly, my husband and I began juggling full-time jobs, young children and aging parents. Our home filled up with recliners, pill bottles, walkers, and eventually, a wheelchair. Nurses and rehabilitation workers rotated in and out of the house. Ambulances woke up the kids in the middle of the night.

During the chaos and trauma, I stumbled upon an online challenge called #The100DayProject. I was inspired to capture dad's stories and he was eager to begin. Some days were good for talking story with him. Other days he was incoherent. Then there were the regretful days when I was exhausted from work and too tired to talk story. Together, we created 40 short stories. They are unpolished and unfinished, left for me to continue shaping for the next generation.




What should have been the worst day of my life was unimaginably heartbreaking but undoubtedly beautiful.


As we helped our son process losing a loved one, he ended up teaching us how to grieve.