After serving a decade in the hospitality industry, Marilynn Howe graduated cum laude from Dallas Baptist University and launched into nonprofit development, communications and marketing. From waiting tables to writing copy, stacking plates to creative strategy — each step of the journey taught her to listen well, learn quick and move fast. She enjoy serving faith-based nonprofits as a trusted storyteller and strategist.



"Marilynn's passionate creativity has caught me by surprise on numerous occasions - challenging my paradigms and driving numerous projects to amazing creative heights that wouldn't have been possible without her. She is a passionate and gifted storyteller, a courageous critical thinker, and a loyal friend."

Nathan Ritenhouse
VP, Mobilization, Seed Company

"Marilynn is a talented and passionate writer, strategist, and innovator. She has an instinctive understanding of marketing principles and her gut feelings are usually spot on. Marilynn provides a creative spark in every project."

Jesse Lane
VP, Interactive, Seed Company



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Seed Company

Project — Grow awareness about Seed Company among a broad base audience.

Target — A Christian influencer that is highly inquisitive, culturally engaged and online savvy.

Insight — Regardless of demographics, Seed Company supporters shared an affinity for goals that are biblical, relational and actionable.

Strategy — Introducing a broad-base audience to a newly rebranded Seed Company by focusing on the Why, with less emphasis on the What and How.

Idea — Unify content with a quarterly theme and strong brand voice. Then, tell intelligent and intimate stories that allow the target audience to encounter the Bibleless and understand the brand's mission.

Execution — Send a media team to gather collateral designed to tell one intimate story to be featured on multiple communication channels including email campaigns, receipt letters, website, social media and the printed periodical.


  • Seed Company's revenue increased, in ways directly linked to the quarterly themes.
  • Seed Company's major giving partners affirmed the new direction toward bold, innovative content and intimate storytelling.
  • Seed Company established a strong partnership with Esther Havens, an award-winning humanitarian photographer.
  • Seed Company gained the attention and advocacy of major online Christian influencers.
  • Seed Company's creative team produced award-winning content.
  • Seed Company's brand identity was defined and developed, attracting a new generation of supporters.



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