Death. Burial. Resurrection.

I was backstage at our church yesterday with my camera in hand to capture images of our baptism service. Around the same time, a man entered a church in South Texas. While we celebrated the death, burial and resurrection of the saints, he unleashed an unfathomable evil upon the saints.

This morning, my son was in earshot of the news. It weighed heavy upon his six-year-old heart. How do we reconcile these events? Especially for our children?


I don't have any answers. I do know that I was tired yesterday. My son had a fever. You know, life happens. I was tempted to skip church but then I received a text message asking for a volunteer to help capture the baptism service. So I went to church.


Perhaps that what we do. We keep going to church. We keep being the church. We keep loving and leading the lost from death to life. We keep praying. Even as I type, my words seem too simple. I don't have the words, like many of us. But thanks to that text message, drawing me to church, I have proof that God is good. He is our savior. He does redeem.


In the most vulnerable kleenex clenching moment, there was incredible strength and resolve to respond to the Living God in word and deed.

If you are feeling tired today – weary of the brokenness of this world – I'm inviting you to be a witness of life. Take a moment and see the joy in the eyes of the living. It's an eternal light that will never die.