Breaking New Ground

Three years ago our family relocated to Midlothian, Texas. I've transitioned between California, Hawaii and Texas but our most recent move was much less dramatic. We moved a mere twelve miles up the road.

Our first home was a solid starter home. We hadn't any plans to move but then my aunt and uncle put their home up on the market. Unexpectedly, in the span of one summer we listed our home, packed and moving. And then our baby girl was born.

My parents moved in shortly after and we witnessed my dad make the biggest transition of all. All the while, we attended church a mere twelve miles down the road. The church leaders were smitten with my dad and honored him well during the last three years of his life. Because of them, and him, we continued to worship in the same seats that dad used to share with us.


When our son was about to begin kindergarten, we felt a stirring in our hearts to become better planted in our community. Really, it was a stirring that began when our daughter was born. At the time, I was on mission to spread the news about local people living in local communities that were translating the Bible. But how was I engaging my own local community? I wasn't.

It took awhile to find our way. I decided to stop commuting away to work. It was a tough transition for me but worth the wait. For the past four months, I've teamed up with a local nonprofit organization based in Ellis County, Texas.

Around the same time, my husband was given an invitation card to the Easter services at Stonegate Church. We'd attended Stonegate seven years ago but at the time, it wasn't time to join. We needed seven years, two kids and a new home to break new ground with the people known as Stonegate Church.

And we are just in time to help our new church family make their own move. We began by capturing the story of the groundbreaking celebration.