Heirloom Seeds + Honest Answers

I usually spend too much money that I don't have on plants. It's an urge that overcomes me each spring. My dad and uncle were great landscapers. My aunt is a master gardener. My mom and her mom enjoyed growing old fashioned flowers together. It's a part of the heritage I hope to pass on to my children.

At three and six years old, Samantha and Jaden are old enough to begin growing their own green thumb. So, instead of dropping major cash on plants, I purchased several packets of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at a minimal cost.


The night before I had asked this sweet girl, "What is mommy's favorite thing to do?"

Without hesitation, she said, "Work."

I knew that was what she would say. But to hear her say it – while looking at me with those big blue eyes. Wow. Words failed me. Samantha's truth hurt but it was also empowering. It was healing to ask Samantha to share her truth, and it was healing to receive it. I kissed her goodnight and let the truth sink in.


I'm a working mom and probably always will be. It's in my blood as much as the green thumb. In the past, I felt a sense of guilt about working. This time, I decided to keep asking questions.

I asked Jaden, "What kind of work does mommy do?"

He said, "You take pictures of people and work on the pictures on computer."

It dawned on me that I hadn't taken pictures of my own people for a long time. So, this weekend, I focused on them with my heart and lens. First, they took over my office for a mini photo shoot. We also spent portions of the weekend getting out of the house.


I had ordered a bunch of gardening supplies but I was waiting for the right time to dive into the project of potting seeds. In other words, it wasn't on the agenda. Most days with children involve moments of intentionality and random moments of pure survival. Sometime during the day I hit my limit. I gave them a huge bag of potting soil, seed pots and two mini shovels. Then I walked away. Honestly, I just wanted a moments peace. 


It wasn't long before I was outside and scooping up handfuls of soil with my bare hands. I had the kids pick out their seeds. (By the way, don't let the pictures fool you. They look enchanting but in reality there's a healthy dose of whining happening that the camera blessedly does not capture.)

My husband joined us and we managed to get most of our seeds planted before the rain started. For all of the toddler drama, it felt incredibly good to spend a couple hours outside with our children. And we managed to accomplish a lot of good work together.


I chose Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds because of their awesome customer service and beautiful (and free) seed catalog. Last year, I ordered a live plant called Okinawa Sweet Potato. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. I received an immediate refund and warm email from the owner. Service like that deserves loyalty. I did not receive any form of compensation for this post – I just enjoy supporting good people.